Luxury Hawaii Vacations

Luxury Hawaii VacationsMajestic volcanoes, magical waterfalls, luxurious resorts and the fascinating Polynesian culture make the islands of Hawaii a fantastic destination for your next luxury vacation.

You’re so busy with work and truly need a beach vacation filled with relaxation, fun adventures and intriguing explorations—a genuinely enjoyable and refreshing getaway. A Luxury Hawaii vacation offers an exciting escape from everyday life, not too far from home, yet feels a world away!

Why choose a luxury hawaii vacation as your ideal beach vacation?

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The Hawaiian Islands of Maui, Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island, Molokai and Lanai offer a distinct tropical paradise with fabulous 4- and 5-star luxury resorts, each with their own tantalizing spa services, gourmet restaurants, relaxing pools and pulsating island-music entertainment in the evenings. And Margi can help you get sizzling deals for a uniquely memorable trip.

Whether you want to explore the islands or experience activities such as golfing, hiking, biking, motorcycling, helicopter tours, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, viewing active volcanoes and more—your Hawaiian vacation will be tailor-made especially for you. Call your luxury-travel consultant, Margi, today at 888.568.4432 to have her expertly match you with the best Hawaiian island and resort to suit your specifications—for a truly captivating and rejuvenating getaway unlike any other.

Why spend your luxury vacation on a magical Hawaiian island? Consider the possibilities!

  • Enjoy great deals on 4- and 5-star luxury island resorts
  • Embrace on a romantic island sunset cruise
  • Submerge into world-class scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, stand-up paddling with lessons if needed
  • Tee off on championship golf courses
  • Spend quality time at family-friendly resorts and condos
  • Luxuriate with relaxing spa treatments
  • Enchant and rejuvenate all of your senses
  • Engage in amazing attractions, lively activities and historic sites
  • Celebrate with lively music, entertainment, luaus, nightlife
  • Immerse yourself in Hawaiian traditions, history, culture and island foods
  • Get away in untouched tranquility to secluded resorts off the beaten path
  • Be spontaneous, romantic and fun on heavenly beaches
  • Explore via land, sea or air
  • Marvel at whale-watching or swim with manta rays
  • Take in the scenic natural wonders of volcanoes, towering cliffs, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, waterfalls, spouting horns and cathedral valleysTour the Pearl Harbor historic sites
  • Embark on a deep-sea, sport-fishing charter
  • Tour botanical gardens, farms, plantations, rain-forest preserves and other ecotourism activities
  • Fall in love again with Hawaii’s unspoiled natural beauty and more!

Important information for your personally gratifying Hawaiian paradise:

Entry Requirements

If you are traveling from the U.S., all you need is your valid/current Driver’s License.

When to Visit

Hawaii’s peak and low seasons aren’t dictated by the weather here. Expect premium rates during the winter months of mid-December through March. Family travel is most popular during the summer. Spring and Fall, while considered “low” season, offer great travel values and fewer visitors.


English is the official language.


Climate year round is fantastic in the Hawaiian Islands! Hawaii has two seasons. In “summer,” the average daytime high temperature is 85º degrees Fahrenheit; in “winter,” it is about 78º degrees Fahrenheit. If you favor a dry and sunny destination, check out the leeward side of each island (the region sheltered from the prevailing winds—generally the west and south). If you want lush, tropical and wet, check out an island’s windward side (the regions facing the prevailing winds—generally the east and north).


Hawaii’s casual attitude makes packing a breeze. For daytime, shorts, T-shirts, sandals and a swimsuit are usually all that’s needed. For evening, sundresses for women and slacks and a shirt for men will take you most places in style.


Common-sense safety is most important. Lock your car and keep your valuables out of sight but within reach. In Hawaii, ocean safety is very important. If advised not to swim, don’t. Heed the international signage at local beaches, which alerts you to rough sea conditions, rip currents, jellyfish and high surf. When hiking the wilderness, be sure to check in with park rangers first.


Hawaii does have a state sales tax on all purchases, including groceries. There is also a hotel room tax and a road-use tax on car rentals.


There’s no Daylight Savings Time in Hawaii. During the months when it’s not in effect on the U.S. mainland, Hawaii is two hours behind the West Coast, four hours behind the Midwest and five hours behind the East.